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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

We’re committed to delivering high quality solutions often to very demanding programmes. We have developed an extensive portfolio of civil engineering projects for both public and private sector clients, ranging from medium sized projects to multi-million pound developments.

Our specialist knowledge and expertise position us as a leading contractor in our field. We are able to offer bespoke services to meet our clients’ individual needs and requirements.

About Our
Civil Engineering Services

Athena Civil Engineering are a full-cycle construction company, providing a range of construction and management services: from creating design and construction documents to commissioning. Over the last decade, Athena Civil Engineering have developed an enviable portfolio which includes many top-level construction projects.

Over many years, Athena Construction has been developing a rich customer experience which allows us to prepare, in very little time, optimal solutions for delivering high quality results. Our clients range from small-scale businesses to some of the biggest national and international companies around today.

Understanding the needs of clients is our professional duty. We individually assess each plan and offer optimal solutions, proceeding from the project’s objectives and specifics.

Athena Civil Engineering are a team of construction specialists who are capable of building to a high standard and delivering projects of any complexity and scope. Our employees are acclaimed experts in such areas as project construction, management, technology and engineering.

Rest assured, all projects we undertake are delivered on time, within the set budget and to the highest level.

Athena Civil Engineering prioritises sustainable construction practices. Our team of experts have accumulated many years of valuable experience working with green technology and safeguarding the environment. We are committed to the prevention of pollution, compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and continual improvement of our management system and environmental performance.

Trusted, on time and on budget.