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Road and Sewers

Road and Sewers

We consider Roads and Sewer Construction to be the backbone of our business. All Athena operatives and management hold extensive approved certification for the Road and Street Works Act (RASWA) for working in existing roads and constructing new access ways to adoptable standards. First time adoption of Roads and Footpaths in accordance with Section 38 of the Highways Act 1980 provide an essential part of any new project. Alterations to an Existing Public Highways can also be accommodated, including road widening and Junction improvements.

Incorporating a comprehensive record of full adoption of sewers under Section 104 of the of the Water Industry Act 1991 completes the start of any new development.

About Our Road
and Sewer Services

Athena undertake construction of roads and sewers infrastructure to public and private works, including adoptable roads and drainage works for both Local Highways and Water Authorities.

Road and Sewers works can be as diverse as dual carriageway construction, highway upgrades or roads infrastructure to housing developments. As stand-alone delivery or as part of a larger first cut to last kerb service Athena have the knowledge and resources to deliver turn key solutions to large scale projects.

Our long experience in construction of roads and sewers, results in fast and efficient installation, without compromising on quality or safety. Our expertise extends from shallow to deep depth sewers, small diameter plastic pipes to large bore concrete pipes, box culverts and attenuation structures.

Athena’s roads and sewers team has a strong reputation within the industry for its productivity and quality.? The team works closely with clients, consultants and local authorities, building relationships to achieve the quickest and most effective approach to all its projects.

We have vast experience working with a variety of materials and can install whatever your project requires. We recognise the need to control the amount of rain and surface water that flows from new developments into the existing sewers and specialise in the installation of a number of solutions for this.

We offer a full highway construction service including curb and footpath installation, road crossings, mains laying and duct laying and are easily able to adapt to suit each of the different highways agencies specifications we carry out work for.

Our?Road and Sewer Services

? Bulk Earthworks

? Cut and Fill operations

? Adoptable Estate Roads and Sewers to Section 38 and Section 104 standard through construction, maintenance and adoption

? Work in Public Highways

? Close knowledge and relationships with key contacts giving full liaison with Local Authorities, Highways Agency, Yorkshire Water, United Utilities, Severn Trent Water and the Environment Agency

? Section 106 sewerage connections

? Section 278 Works

? Car Parks

? Shallow and Deep Drainage Systems in Plastic, Concrete, Clay

? Culverts

? Head Walls

? Balancing Ponds / Swales & Check Dams / Soakaways

? Tanks and Interceptors, including approved Carlow and Weholite Tank installations

? Pumping Stations and Rising Mains

? Sewer Diversions

? Principal Contractor Status

Trusted, on time and on budget.